You can’t design love

Hey there, happy new year!!! How is it going? Hope you are fine.

I got a new job just start this month. It’s new for me so work under pressure but I do my best. Anyway today I just know something and want to memo it.

I have a boy friend, I like the way he treat me so I think if he flirting on me I will try. (I don’t want to be the starter for change friendship to love. Because in the pass it doesn’t work.) And about 2-3 months ago he have a girlfriend. I am happy with him. Today we talk and I told him that he should let his mom know that finally her son have a girlfriend. He told me that his mom asking him to flirting on me and he answer his mom that he try but I say no.

….. What!!!? No way that never happen!
Yes, it’s. He said.

I try let him tell the hold story and he didn’t. So it really bad that we never try but it’s okay now I am happy and he too. I don’t want to know more because for what? Right! So that’s all!

You can’t design love.



Long day but so happy

Hi I am so good!!!
Today is my second mini marathon still walk and run but better than the 1 st time. Next time I will do better than this too!


Second time with P'Oue & Mono. First time with Noy.

After mini marathon finish I go to watch 「Me Before You」 with Noy. I waiting for this about a year and finally I watching it!

I always said “it’s my business so let’s me decide don’t decide what’s it good for me” and then when I watch this movie I am not sure it’s a good idea. Maybe when we’re weak maybe we think wrong, maybe we choose wrong choice. So sometimes people will help point to the right way but who will decide this is wrong or not? Of course you are. So try to open your mine and then choose your choice I think this way will be the good way.

Then I went to Siam Discovery I hear that they have a lot of new technology at there so I work IT I have to update all of it. But it look like the same TV program show it so it’s not excited like I thought. But I try this one take a photo then it will show on the screen.


Finally I have a photo with Noy haha

See ya,

Happy Songkran Festival

Hi! Now long week end in Thailand will be end soon. Today is a last day that I can take a break and tomorrow will back to work again. This Songkran I am very very ok then last year. Last year I waiting for Toon say yes he will hang out with me but this year I decide what I am gonna to do. For your information Songkran festival is like Thai New Year.

13 Apr 16

I went to the temple with my mom. She love me to go the temple and I like to go to there some time not a lot like her. And then I go to Khoa San Road looking for some place to sale food. Song Kran Festival is the day you can make money from that but when I go there I think this year is too late next year I will looking for opportunity early then this year. After that I go to play Songkran but the police announced that it’s over. That time I no idea what going on. It just 10 PM and then I know it government policy to keep good culture of Songkran and saving the water so I go home.


Me and Jack at Sanam Luang

14 Apr 16

Stay at home and start to watching “Arrow” it’s cool but so drama.

15 Apr 16

Go out with my mom to Erawan Sunplaplom she said it’s new year we have to make a wish. So I go with here. Actually I have 2 older brothers and a younger sister and I always thought this is a family time but I don’t see anyone who call or say hi. It’s too bad for my mom. But I stay with here not act good but try to be good for her.


16 Apr 16


Go out with Noy and Boat. Noy and Boat didn’t know with each other but I try to follow Western Man you know they can hangout or meet someone they didn’t know and be friend late that make they more social. So I try with them hope it good and hey it was pretty good.

17 Apr 16

Today I stay home and clean my room. Found a lot of book that I didn’t finish it will be start again. And my mom said that she want eat a hot dog at JJ Green that I brought her on Friday so I will go out with her again.

See ya!


I just watched Once Upon a Time and some quote is show up and it’s to my heart.

Like u know last year my heart broken and I thought I’m fine or better. But recently when I saw him or heard something about his love story I am not feel good. I hope this moment will pass but it’s not pass fast as I expected. And here it is from Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 10 …

Snow: What’s going on is I still have feelings for you. Why do you think I go to Granny’s every morning at 7.15? It’s to see you. I don’t know why? Because it just makes me miserable_ because every time I see you_ it just remind me that you chose Kathryn instead of me.

Yup I know it really really really hurt. When u think about someone, someone that u can’t be together what the matters reason is. And then I found this quote that makes me feel I will OK. It’s just a moment u know. I will be pass.

Snow: Why? You of all people should understand. You’re lost love. What if your pain could be erased?

Grumpy: I don’t want my pain erased. As wretched as it is, I need my pain. It makes me who I am. It makes me Grumpy.

So it gonna be okay soon & it will makes me who I am,


So badly this week I go to bed late, wake up late, and work late. I try to think why? About 2 months I do good but why this week I do like this and the reason pop-up in my mine but I didn’t sure what’s the real reason ?
1. It’s about work. My latest project, I due with some client that I work with about 3 years and it’s so difficult for me. I don’t want to with her and her doesn’t want work with me too but she didn’t say it exactly she just said that “nobody want to work with me”. It’s OK finally she choose another company care here system not my company. But she still have special request that male me work for here 2 more week this Friday it will be my last meeting if don’t have anything wrong show up. I really pray for it.


2. About 2 months that I stay away from my ex and he do like me but this week have something weired. He act like before. Before I thought he like me. For the sample sang some love song when I near him or act like hey I’m here and I try to be cute for u. Yes I remember that I remember the way my heart beat and how stupid I am that I like him. For me it so suck!!!

What’s do u think? It 1 or 2 or both?

If we return belong together?

Today I spending time with my ex a little bit. I don’t want it but it dose.

If you ask me that I miss the time that we are together.
I will say yes. Those time I have a lot of good time. Laughing, smiling, and chatting.

If you ask me if we have a chance belong together, I will return to date with him?
I will say no. It’s the past so let’s it be. Don’t look back.

This is my decision and I think I’m right!!!

Fighting with mom

I don’t like to fighting anybody but sometime I had.

I just fighting with mom she ask me about “what I pray for when I go to the temple yesterday?” I feel angry when she finish I feel like why mom always think that I do something wrong and yes this time when I told here what I pray and yes like I thought I told me I do wrong I should to do bla bla bla hey I always do like she suggested me but … I don’t know and then I upset at her she leaving and I feel bad to upset but her.

This we be good soon but I guess we will fight again about this her and my attitude about what we pray for it not the same.

1st of February 16

Greeting from my office. Today I working about 12 hours OMG! I have some urgent work so tried hah? But today I am not alone I have a new co-worker in my team and he older than me but he support me as well that a good thing for me.


Hope today is the last day that I work more than 8 hours. Like I said this year I try to balance my work and my life.


End of January 16

Today is the last work day and finally I can do it again. I can work and pass all the bad thing. I know I am the person who always say it so hard it too bad bla bla when met a bad situation haha but sometime it good when you say it out round you know?

Now I am at the office I just finish my work and feel something. Now I close new guy at the office and hey this is really friend is. Don’t like before so I am so happy that I met him and close to him. I hope he will be one of my best friends. But it future right? Let’s do the best every single day!!!


His name’s Boat. He younger than me a year. He like Japanese food and IU. He is easy going and a lot of thing that he thinking like me so we will have a lot of good conversation. One more thing he care and act to his girlfriend so good and like that side so nice to meet him so much. Lucky I am >__<

Hard from the beginning

Like everyone this week is first work week of 2016. From Monday until today I have a lot of work to do. A lot of task that I do it isn’t our scope of work of project but my boss will help my customer but like they don’t know that all we do right now we help them. They act like we can do anything completely without any condition but it not. Every task need time and resource if you don’t understand it hard to discussing together.

OK skip the bad part let’s share the good part from few days I found . . .
1. My mom always beside me when I feel need somebody be with me on the bad day. Love you mom.
2. Best friend always tell you when you do something wrong.
3. Saving money is good but dinner with friend sometime it good thing to do!


Hope I will have a good day today,